Top 3 service to download twitter GIF from Twitter

download twitter GIF

Watching the Funny GIFs on Twitter. Love to watch them. But you have come to know that you can’t save the animated GIFs on Twitter. As it is possible at other platforms. At other means of Platform, you can get video by saving them by right click on the image or save it. But the same option is not available in the case of Twitter. It doesn’t allow the user access to download twitter GIF Files. Basically, Twitter Converts Animated videos or GIFs in the form of Short videos. But if you are in a hurry then you can follow the steps as follows to save the GIFs as an image.

You can get various options to explore as follows. Then the candidate can save the GIF. Check the steps as follows:


Option 1: Download GIF Video For Andriod

Android User, You are lucky to have it. You have the convenient service and access to the Free Applications. By making use of the Google Play store.  The applications of Google Play store let you get the advanced methods to download GIFs.

download twitter GIF

You can visit the Link Download video gifs It allows you to download the animated GIF from the Public Tweet. All you have to do is to get Open the link above. Then you can visit the Twitter and get the GIF file you desire to download. Tap to open the Tweet, to get the details Click on Tap Menu. Then select the Copy Link to Tweet.

download twitter GIF from twitter

Thereafter head off to Download Video Gifs link on your Andriod Phone. Paste the Link you copied from Tweet. Select the download option in the selected form you desire.

Option 2: Download MP4, Convert

If you are unable to get Videos on different Platform. Then you can do a bit more task to get the GIF file. First, you have to download the GIF in the form of the MP4 video file. Thereafter you can convert the MP4 file in the form of GIF later.

Note: This is best Performed on a Mac or PC or your mobile device easily.   This is the easy way to download GIF from Twitter. As you can visit the  Download video gifs You have to visit the twitter to get the GIF you desire. Then copy the Link to tweet and then paste the URL or link in the Above link. Thereafter click on the Download option available on the right-hand side of the page. You can select the MP4 Quality for instant downloading.   Then you can convert the video later in the form of GIF.

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Option 3: Save as Screen Recording on your Device

Are you interested in Saving the animated GIFs by directly recording? You can save the GIFs by the Screen Recording on your device. The time it right you can perfectly save looping animation or GIFs on Twitter. Save the Video on your own video any third party or tool.