Download Twitter video and it’s features

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms among many with more than 350 million active users monthly which have provided a great platform to everyone to put their point of view in front of everyone.
It allows their users to post small messages about anything happening around us under 140 characters.
Users can share a different kind of media files on twitter like video, audio, GIF, etc.
But sometimes while watching videos on twitter you might have got that one video which you wanted to download for watching sometime later again or sharing to someone else but because twitter doesn’t allow you to Download twitter videos from its site and that’s why you might have become sad too.
And if this had happened to you then just don’t worry because today in this article I have brought up one of the amazing tool name Twitter Video Download for you which will help you to download videos, audios, and GIF from twitter without any hassle.
And to use this tool you don’t need to go anywhere else or to install any third party tool in your device because I have provided a Twitter Video Downloader tool here as you can see on the top of this page has a text box with a download button.
You just have to copy the Twitter video link from twitter and paste it into a text box shown above and it will save the file in your device directly from the twitter CDN.
Now let’s move ahead and discuss more this Twitter Video Downloader tool…

Download twitter videos

As already I have mentioned above that till now Twitter doesn’t have provided any facility to their users for downloading media files like audio, video, GIF, etc. on its platform.
But still, if you want to download videos from twitter then you can use this pretty simple third-party tool name Twitter Video Downloader to download your favorite video, GIF files from Twitter.
Twitter Video Downloader is an online free simple tool which allows you to download and save video or GIF files from Twitter in your device.
To download Videos From Twitter using this tool you just have to copy paste the tweet link which contains the video in a text box given above and hit enter.
As you will hit enter on search button Twitter Video Downloader tool will extract the video from the tweet and save in your device in a video format.

Features of Twitter Video Downloader

In this section, I am going to discuss some awesome features of this tool that will help you to decide whether Twitter Video Downloader satisfy your requirement or not.
Let’s begin…
  • The most important feature of this tool is that it’s completely free and allow you to download unlimited videos.
  • Provide high-speed video converter compare to other tools.
  • I have seen most of the sites which ask you for registration before you use their services but here in this tool, there is no requirement of registration.
So this was some of the features of this tool and now let’s discuss how you can download twitter videos using Twitter Video Downloader tool…

How to download a video using Twitter Video Downloader tool?

There are thousands of tools are available on the internet for downloading media files from different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. but finding and selecting a good one that can let you download videos or GIF from twitter without any hassle is kindly a difficult task.
And that’s why I have come with one of the best tool name Twitter Video Downloader which will let you download files without any hassle.
And if you are using a desktop computer then this can be the best option for downloading twitter videos because installing and uninstalling applications on a desktop based computer system become a time-consuming task than an android device. So, this tool can save you time too.
Now let’s move ahead and see step by step that how you can download videos from Twitter Video Downloader tool. check this how to download twitter videos on iPhone
Let’s begin…

Step 1: Get the Link of the Twitter Video

So to download the video using this tool, first of all, you have to find the link of that twitter video which you want to download.
And you can do so by clicking on the tweet which has to contain the video and then copying link URL from the browser URL address bar.
You can also copy the link by clicking on the drop-down button shown on the top right corner of the tweet.
  Twitter Video Downloader

Step 2: Enter the copied link into the tool text box

Once you copied the link paste it into the Twitter Video Downloader tool text box given on top of this page and hit enter on the download button.
As you hit enter on the download button it Twitter Video Downloader tool will extract the video or GIF from the tweet and take you on the next page.

Step 3: Select the download option

Finally after doing all the steps given above you will be redirected to the next page where it will you to select the download option and once you select the download option, the video will save into your device.
It’s as simple as that, after following just a few simple steps your twitter video or GIF will be downloaded in your device.
You can also download gif from twitter


Let’s wrap up…
As we know there are many social media platforms available nowadays in the market and twitter is one of them. Twitter provides all the features and services what a social media site needs to provide but it doesn’t provide any inbuilt features for downloading videos or GIF files from its sites.
So, that if you still want to download twitter videos or GIF in your device then you can do it using the third party tools.
And above I have provided one of the best third-party tools for downloading twitter videos or GIF files easily using Twitter Video Downloader. Twitter Video Downloader is an online free tool which allows you to download different media files without any difficulties.