Example : https://twitter.com/PassengersMovie/status/821025484150423557


Download Twitter video & Twitter GIF

Download your favorite twitter video with the help of below steps.

Find & Copy Twitter URL

Choose video and copy the twitter's video URL from twitter.

Paste Your Twitter URL Into Search Box

Paste the video URL into the search box and click the search button to find the video.

Download & Save Twitter Video

Click the Download button to save the twitter video to your computer.


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Download Twitter Video is one of the best twitter video downloader website which allow you to download video, GIFs and other cool stuffs.

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Benefits of Twitter Downloader

Twitter is a social Platform of Media. People make use of it to exchange their thoughts by tweeting about current and past affairs. Greeting others on occasions. It has become a platform which is more preferred social media by celebrities and Politicians. As there are more than 350 million active users who put their thoughts or point of views in the form of tweets.

The user can make use of messages as made possible with the availability of 140 characters. The user also shares or post the different kinds of media files on Twitter such as Text, Images, Audio, GIF, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Download twitter GIF from twitter kindly please follow this below steps.

  1. first of all open your twitter application in your android or ios device.
  2. find twitter gif which you want to save.
  3. Tap and hold on twitter gif.
  4. click on the above arrow and where you find an option like copy link. select that option.
  5. find twitter gif downloader site.
  6. paste copied link in the text box and click on the download button.

For Download twitter video on any android device, you should have followed these steps.

  1. Open your twitter application on your android device or you can also open it in browser with your login credentials.
  2. select your twitter video which you want to save in your android device.
  3. click on down arrow where you can see lots off options but you have to select "Copy link to tweet".
  4. after copied the link you should open twitter video downloader site in your android device.
  5. where you can paste the link and click on the download button. it will fetch media file automatically and will provide you various options like SD, HD.
  6. click on the file type and your video will start downloading in your android device.

best steps to download twitter videos

  1. first of all, go to twitter.com and find the desired tweet from where you want to videos to be saved in your devices.
  2. now as shown as per image you have click on the dropdown arrow and click on "copy link to tweet".
  3. Open the downloadtwittervideo.net (twitter video downloader website) and paste the tweet URL into the input area.
  4. hit on the download button.

  1. To download a twitter video from your iPhone you will need to first select a video from your twitter application.
  2. select the desired tweet form your Twitter iPhone app.
  3. click on the tweet which you have been selected.
  4. scroll down and click on share tweet.
  5. now you can see there are lots of options but you should click on "share tweet via..."
  6. over there you will see a different application and other option but you should click on "copy link to tweet"
  7. open your search browser and search twitter video downloader website (downloadtwittervideo.net) and paste the tweet URL and click on the download button.
  8. your video is being downloaded now.

Here we will tell you how to download twitter video on apple mac. kindly please follow the below steps.

  1. First of all open twitter website on your macbook.
  2. After open twitter website kindly please sign with your credientials.
  3. Find you favorite twitter video from twitter.
  4. copy twitter video url.
  5. open twitter video download website (downloadtwittervideo.net) in new tab.
  6. paste your twitter url into video download twitter website
  7. click on download button and select size of video and download it
  8. your video is downloaded in your apple macbook.

For download twitter video from application kindly please follow these steps.

  1. download twitter video & GIf downloader app from google play store
  2. open twitter app into your mobile device
  3. find twitter video and copy it’s url
  4. open application in your device
  5. paste your twitter copied url and click on download button
  6. your video is download on your device.